For those of you that know me at all, know that when it comes to terminology, I am very picky and try to be precise. When it comes to terminology and the law, the definition of words is everything. Change the meaning of a word, or have a phrase that has no definition, and the meaning of legislation will be changed, or be open to interpretation. All gun owners are very aware of this when new laws are introduced.

With that in mind, I have always known that gun owners are the safest segment of society, but as the laws have become more arbitrary and stringent, I have become very uncomfortable using the phrase ”law-abiding” gun owner. With the latest round of confiscations by the liberal, it is harder and harder to be “law abiding” when we do not even know what the law is. In a lot of cases I do not think the word “legal” even fits. Using “law abiding” to describe gun owners may be a detriment, as laws march toward ultimate disarmament. The “anti’s” will use the term as a bludgeon when we disagree with their laws. If we are so “law abiding” why won’t we follow their laws when they mandate we totally disarm? Or even now as they make laws stricter, how can we be “law abiding” when we vehemently disagree with the new regulations?

Finding a new word or phrase to better describe us would help with our image as ordinary people who disagree with the current laws.

Since the firearms community is both peaceful and responsible, this is how I am going to start referring to all gun owners in the future. I am a peaceful and responsible gun owner. Are you?

Know your rights or you won’t have any

 Todd Brown

Executive Director FIRE

Firearms Institute for Rational Education