I have explained in the past how the Firearms Act is written with a confiscation agenda. There are several ways that this act can confiscate your guns, through irrational regulations, or from what I like to refer as ‘ delayed confiscation’.

 The best example of Delayed Confiscation affects firearms that have been labeled as ‘Prohibited’. You cannot get a Prohibited class licence, unless you were grandfathered at the beginning of this licencing fiasco(1995). If you let your license lapse for whatever reason, or die, the Prohibited license is revoked and those firearms that you have in that category are summarily confiscated by the government. They just have to wait you out. While this was buried in the regulations, now the government is being blatantly open about this. On the Licence Renewal notification they have a highlighted box explaining how you will have your firearms confiscated if you do not comply.

Something else I have warned about that is happening. Fees are going up annually every March 31st. While these fee increases are not large from year to year, so far, it is an indication that the Liberals can, and will make firearms ownership financially unaffordable to the average Canadian. Do not be fooled, this is another example of Delayed Confiscation.

Know your rights or you won’t have any

Todd Brown

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Todd Brown


Executive Director of Firearms Institute for Rational Education